Spiritual scams

  • There have been reports of “spiritual blessing” scams in many countries. These scams usually involve fraudsters who claim to be spiritual healers or fortune tellers and offer to bless their victims for a fee. They often target vulnerable people such as the elderly and those who are grieving. Some might use their spirituality to trick people into giving them money or making them feel guilty about not donating. They might also convince people that they have been cursed and that only they can remove it for them. There are also reports of people being scammed by people claiming to be spiritual figures in Indonesia. They promise to turn small investments into immense wealth. It’s important to be cautious when dealing with such people and to do thorough research on them before investing any money. Here are some signs that someone might be using spirituality to scam others:
    • They’re trying to earn something from it (e.g., money, emotional support, or a feeling of superiority and power over others).
    • They make you feel like you’re missing out on something important that only they can provide you with.
    • They convince you that you have been cursed and that only they can remove it for you.

Types of scams

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