Government official impersonation scams (Macau scams)

A government impersonator scam often starts with a call, email, or text message from someone who says they’re with a government agency. They might give you their “employee ID number” to sound official. And they might have information about you, like your name or home address. If you receive such calls or messages, it’s best to hang up or delete them immediately. You can also report them to the relevant authorities.

28 Dec 2023 $2.6 million lost to scammers posing as MAS officers since start of 2023

21 Dec 2023 10 victims lose at least $9,000 to phishing scam involving supposed tax refunds

18 Dec 2023 A WOMAN has issued a warning after falling victim to an elaborate text message scam, clearing $49,000 from her bank account.

16 May 2023 Police Advisory On Phishing Scams Involving Fake ScamShield App

28 Apr 2023 SGH warns of WhatsApp messages impersonating senior management in ‘gift card purchase’ scam

28 Apr 2023 Shopping survey on WhatsApp that offers $13 payment is a new scam, warns Case

9 Feb 2023 Police Advisory On Government Officials Impersonation Scams

22 Oct 2022 How We Busted A Taiwan Phone Scam Syndicate

15 July 2022 Advisory on Phone Scam Involving Court-Directed Process

30 Jun 2022 Police Advisory On Phishing Scam Involving Alleged Traffic Offences

5 Jun 2022 Beware of various text/email scams offering refund on your utility bill

3 Feb 2022 Iras warns public of SMS scam that includes phishing link

30 Dec 2021 At least S$8.5 million lost in December to phishing scams involving OCBC Bank

16 Jun 2021 Scammers targeting people in S’pore weave Covid-19 vaccines, MOH into their false narratives

19 Feb 2021 Advisory On Scam Involving Impersonation Of Former Commissioner of Police

29 Oct 2020 Malaysian woman cheated of $1.3 million inheritance in phone scam

27 Aug 2020 Woman exposes catfish claiming to be Singapore actor Desmond Tan

17 Apr 2020 Ex-SAF regulars being sought to manage dorms, but messages asking for personal details are fake: Mindef

15 Jan 2020 S’pore widow, 60, allegedly loses almost S$55,000 to phone scammer impersonating DBS staff

28 Jun 2019 Public warned of scammer spoofing call from ICA Call Centre number

25 Apr 2017 Police Advisory On Fake Email From The Traffic Police

8 Jul 2016 SP Services is latest to warn of phone scam

4 Jun 2016 Police Advisory: Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Police

7 Apr 2016 Crime Advisory: Parcel Phone Scam

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