E-commerce scams (Online Purchase/Sales scams)

E-commerce scams are fraudulent activities that occur on online purchasing platforms. Scammers trick victims into making payment for online purchases that do not get delivered to them, including tours, concerts, attractions tickets. Examples of E-commerce scams include card testing fraud, friendly fraud, refund fraud, account takeover fraud, interception fraud and triangulation fraud. To avoid falling victim to these scams, it is important to verify the authenticity of the seller and monitor fraudulent seller behavior. Secure payment options should also be used.

28 Dec 2023 Rimowa suitcase for S$4 on ‘iShopChangi Singapore’? Don’t fall for the scam, say police

27 Dec 2023 Singaporean family desperate after egg scam wipes out S$150,000 in life savings

19 Dec 2023 S$314,000 lost to Carousell, Facebook fake buyer phishing scams in December

19 Dec 2023 7 victims lose $27k to phishing scam involving fake Domino’s Pizza websites

18 Dec 2023 I no longer dare to order food via Facebook, says pregnant woman who fell for tingkat delivery scam twice

18 Dec 2023 Beware of parcel delivery phishing scams this festive shopping season, say police

13 Dec 2023 Couple loses $45k to scam while trying to sell second-hand sofa online

10 Dec 2023 Asked to pay extra delivery fees to ship your parcel? It could be a scam

5 July 2023 Woman lists Louis Vuitton bag for sale on Carousell, ends up losing $10,000 to scammer

14 Jun 2023 Scammers put up fake websites of popular brands in phishing scam: Report

9 Jun 2023 S’pore housewife orders S$2 dim sum deals on Instagram, finds bank credit limit raised to S$200,000

9 Jun 2023 Gone in 20 minutes: Woman loses $30k after installing fake shopping app on phone

16 May 2023 Police warn against fake ScamShield app used in phishing scams

9 MAY 2023 Facebook Marketplace, Carousell bottom in e-commerce safety ratings; Amazon, Lazada on top

17 Apr 2023 Over 100 Android users lost $445k since March in phishing scams

13 April 2023 Police Advisory On Resurgence Of Phishing Scams Involving Malware To Steal Banking Credentials

6 Apr 2023 Scam site mimics Mandai Wildlife Reserve website, selling fake $10 Singapore Zoo tickets

28 Jul 2022 Timeline of Tradenation luxury goods scam: Couple charged with more offences

24 Sep 2020 Man cheated victims over masks and other items during COVID-19 outbreak, gets jail

9 Sep 2020 Be very careful when buying things from Facebook merchants

21 Apr 2018 “Starbucks Free $70 Gift Card to Celebrate it’s 47th Anniversary” Scam

28 Nov 2016 $1m lost to online purchase scams

13 Jul 2016 Online survey promising $500 in supermarket vouchers a scam: NTUC FairPrice

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