2D1N Kluang, Simpang Renggam and Kulai murals tour

First stop in the morning, we went to Layang-Layang to try the famous Guang Fatt Handmade Wantan Mee, the noodles are very Q, but the Char siu and Wantan are just passable, but Yong tau foo is not bad. After Guang Fatt Handmade Wantan Mee, we went to Layang Food Sdn. Bhd, two streets apart, to buy potato chips. His homemade Tapioca Chips taste crisp, great, and cheap. Quoted two Malaysian dollars per pack.

After a full meal and packing many Tapioca Chips, we drove straight to Kluang to admire the murals there, it is along Jalan Dato Kaptain Ahmad, Kampung Masjid Lama back alley, and the whole street is covered with murals. The floor also has several large 3D murals that can be photographed. For lunch we to the restaurant Tangkak Beef (Kluang), they serve only soup beef noodles, but we still prefer dried beef noodles, a little disappointed but fortunately their beef noodles are not bad.

Fong 2016 Mural

After that, we went to the Zenxin Organic Park introduced by the internet, But the entry fee needs Malaysian Ringgit 18, but we don’t find that interesting from the outside, so we put a stop to it. Head to our next destination Aw Pottery Sdn Bhd, they have many pottery collection and assortment on shelves, don’t forget to visit the toilet, the toilet full of ceramics decorate, it is beautiful, Aw Pottery Sdn Bhd is also a very good place to take photos and worth visiting.

In the evening we check-in to Simpang Renggam homestay, after check-in we went to the restaurant Hock Lai Seafood for dinner. It’s a coffee shop then a seafood restaurant. But the food is good and the price is reasonable.

We intended to go to MAXX Family KTV for Karaoke after dinner, so set up the GPS and go, according to the map we just needed to U-turn at Jalan Besar and then U-turn again, and we can reach the place, but GPS instructs us to turn right and go from the small road, we thought it might be a shortcut, so we follow it. But when the car turns left into Jalan Parit Haji Hashim, a very dark one-way road, we feel very nervous. There are no streetlights on the entire one-way road, full of high grass on the left hand, and river on the right, it is very gloomy and scary. But because it is a one-way road, so we have no choice but to drive in thru. I quickly asked my friend to turn on the headlights and lock all the doors. But suddenly the headlights went dim by themselves, my friend turned on the headlights again, and a short five minutes drive away, we felt like no ending to us. Fortunately, we rest assured finally saw the lights of the house and continue driving to our karaoke, but the car walked for a while and returned to Jalan Parit Haji Hashim, the one-way road again, my friend said that she was not going back into the one-way road again. So, we adjust our GPS back to the homestay, and for a short while we reached the homestay. The distance between the homestay and karaoke is very near. But till now we still do not understand what happened, so we put this as a supernatural event to entertain our friends and family.

The next morning, we went to the restaurant Bakut Soon Kee, their Bak Kut Teh is pretty good, and it has a traditional taste. It’s worth visiting. After breakfast, we went down the road to see the largest ”Sea of Pineapples mural” at Simpang Renggam, a mural painted by a local artist 41 feet tall and 70 feet wide, and the figure in the painting is a real-life three pineapples workers, hoping that through the mural encourage more people to know about the pineapple plantation in Simpang Renggam. There are also old industry murals behind the Food Center.

28, Jalan Kijang, Taman Mohamad Yassin, Simpang, 86200 Simpang Rengam, Johor, Malaysia

Jalan Emas 1, Taman Usaha Jaya, Simpang Renggam, 86200 Johor Malaysia

First, we also intended to visit the pineapple plantation to see the famous pineapple sea, but the security don’t allow us to enter, after inquiries, we get to know that we must join a travel group and pay to enter, very disappointed.

So we decided to go to Zhong Cheng Durian Farm to buy durian, and this time we turned on the GPS again, but this time the GPS come out with two voices, a man and a woman, Back in Singapore I asked everyone I know, but no one heard about a man and a woman’s voice appear together, the woman kept telling us to U-turn, this time my friend make a wise decision, by ignoring the woman instructions, only listening to the man voices. We finally arrived at this Zhong Cheng Durian Farm. After entering the durian farm, we found that there are Singapore cars and many people, the gardener tell us, if want to eat durian, must wait at least three hours, we can buy whichever durian fell off from the trees, but cannot choose, so we decide to take some photos for memory and go.

The next stop we reached nearby Kelapa Sawit Wall Art at Kulai, a very good photography spot, with many murals with three-dimensional objects, I think that is better than Penang murals, Penang murals are farther and neglected, but the Kelapa Sawit Wall Art is closer to Singapore and new. You can also try Hakka cuisine like lei cha, Ngiong tew foo, Steamed sticky rice pastry, and coffee there.

After taking pictures and eating, we decided to avoid the congestion and go home early, but no luck, we jammed at Singapore customs for an hour, after inquiries, because the reason is that day before, someone smuggled cigarettes into Singapore and arrested, today’s checkpoint inspection is more severe, Unlucky.

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